An Andalusian town that sits at the feet of the Fontanar fortress and the Guadalete River. Considered as one of the most beautiful towns in norther Cadiz, BORNOS has a wealth of historical monuments of great cultural value. The beatiful Coto of Bornos, which used to be a estate of settlers , is located about 5 km.
BORNOS has adapted through time without losing its deepest essence, customs and cuisine ( based on the most typical agricultural products ) as well as the urban architecture typical of Andalucia that has stood the pass of the centuries.
Bornos is situated in the Sierra of Cádiz in the” Route of the White Towns “.
Ideal for resting and with an important Historical Heritage and beatiful landscape which is captivating for nature lovers .

The first settlers lived in this part of Cádiz 30.000 years ago in the middle of the Upper Paleolithic era. Before it was occupied by the Romans it had already been home to a variety of people, and was certainly the site of a flourishing Iberian culture.
We can see, in addition, the current ruins of Carissa Aurelia, villa constructed during the high Roman Empire on an Iberian construction of the Late Iron Age.
The Arabs built a fortified tower that would be the origin of the current Fontanar Castle .

Bornos has numerous buildings built in the 16th century such as the Castle – Palace of Los Ribera (where we find THE ONLY LOGGIA OF POMPEIAN STYLE IN ANDALUSIA), Santo Domingo de Guzmán Paris Church, Corpus Christi Convent, the Colegio y Hospital de la Sangre (school and hospital), the Resurrección (Resurrection) Hermitage, etc.

No less important are the Casa Ordóñez (17th century), front of House of the Cilla or the Mill of the Arch (water mill of the 16th century). With some ingredients, obtained the vegetable gardens from and the Sierra, are elaborated some of the local dishes (the Berza and the Abajao). The impressive Rio Guadalete offers us the possibility of practising numerous nautical sports. The natural environment allows the practice of other activities like the hiking, horse riding or cycling.
Santo Domingo de Guzmán Parish Church is built in two styles: ogive and baroque. No less interesting is the Fontanar Castle, of Andalusian origin, of which only some walls and the Torre del Homenaje still remain. Along side this Tower, the Palace of Los Ribera (16th century) was built in Renaissance style and has a glorious cloister, gardens and loggia of pompeian style, UNIQUE IN ANDALUCÍA. Other outstanding buildings are the Corpus Christi Convent and Colegio de la Sangre school (16th C). Moreover, we can visit the Casa Ordóñez (17thC) , the Resurección Church(16th),the front of the Casa de la Cilla and the old water mill (Molino del Arco.16th)


Bornos offers camping CAT and simple, but very comfortable hostel. Its citizens wish the participants and guests who visit us during the championship feel at home.

Rental Houses (Bornos)

The organization will have a list of homes for rent, send us an email with your needs and you will organize.


Camping CAT - Lago de Bornos

Wood tents, Camping Area, Restaurant… The Championships Organisation Team office is placed at these facilities – CAT


La Parada Hostel (Bornos)

Comfortable hostel located in the town of Bornos. The hostel is easy to locate and access. It offers a great views of Bornos.


La Estación Hotel (Villamartin)

Hotel located in the nearby town of Villamartin, 12 km from Bornos. Nice hotel with an airfield for ultralight pilots.